It may sound innocuous, but peering into a home from the outside is one of those crimes that could lead to something bigger if left unchecked.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens describes an incident that took place on Monday on East 8th Street where an alert neighbor witnessed the event.

“It was some type of domestic situation. A neighbor saw a guy looking through the window. She took his picture which scared him away. He saw the flash then ran.”

Officers found him nearby and charged him with window peeking. According to police, the two parties involved know each other.

In another unrelated incident, Clemens says a woman was accosted near 10th Street and Franklin Avenue Monday just before 11:00 AM.

“She was walking along the street when a guy and another woman came up to her, punched her, and strangled her. She really didn’t give an explanation of why that took place.”

The victim who was not seriously injured did know the man who attacked her and may have known who the woman was. However only the male suspect was arrested on aggravated assault charges while police is still searching for the woman.

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