When it comes to creativity, Sioux Falls residents are no slouches. We have extraordinary artists who sculpt, paint, design amazing architecture, write and perform music and theatre, dance, and more.

Perhaps unbeknownst to many, is a publishing company right here in Sioux Falls which generates and distributes comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels for kids through adults. Empire Comic Press is a place that has attracted a whole bunch of artistically gifted people with similar goals.

They aim to entertain using what they refer to as the "medium of sequential art". The inventiveness of the local talent involved in this venture is phenomenal and the drawings out of this world! I mean these are the guys that reimagined the Revolutionary War with patriots from the "realm of the undead" joining the fight in their comic book, Franklinstein.

Now they are sending a local celebrity into orbit and they've begun a Kickstarter campaign to assure that they get the 100 limited-run copies of Wilbur's Space Race into the hands of people who would love them.

Wilbur the Coyote's Space Race
Jason Folkerts, Kat Jackson, and Mikey Martinez via Empire Comic Press

Yes, that Wilbur. Wilbur the Coyote, the fur-covered robot of Sioux Falls pizza delivery fame, is accepting the task of getting piping hot pepperoni pizza to "hangry" space explorers! He's given up the trike for a souped-up space cycle and he means business in this hilarious new adventure, aimed at introducing "him to an all-new generation of kids".

You can get all the details on how you can contribute to the publication of Wilbur's Space Race and possibly get one of the cool Wilbur Space Race Pizza Crates, which includes your own full-length copy of the comic book, a Wilbur t-shirt, button, poster, and more by checking out the Kickstarter campaign page.

Source: Empire Comic Press

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