Those living and working in the area near Madison Street and Interstate 29 in Sioux Falls were treated to a high-speed police chase that led authorities throughout parts of the city early Tuesday afternoon.

Dakota News Now is reporting the incident took place just before 2 PM on Tuesday (February 23) when a Highway Patrol officer noticed a 2018 Volkswagen SUV that had been reported stolen near the Madison and Interstate 29 intersection.

Once the officer attempted to make a traffic stop, things were on like Donkey Kong at that point.

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According to Dakota News Now, the pursuit continued through that vicinity of the city for a brief time until it finally ended when the stolen vehicle being driven by the suspects got stuck in a snowy ditch after crashing with a Highway Patrol cruiser.

The crash resulted in three people being taken into custody. The driver of the vehicle, 23-year-old Chainecia Fiddler, and one passenger, 27-year-old Todd Peltier, were arrested immediately following the collision. The third passenger in the SUV, 51-year-old Troy Greger, jumped out of the stolen vehicle sometime during the police pursuit and fled the incident on foot. Dakota News Now reports that he was arrested a short time later following the crash.

The suspects, nor authorities, received any type of injury as a result of Tuesday's high-speed chase.

Source: Dakota News Now

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