Imagine driving on the interstate in the middle of the evening and your windshield gets shot by someone in a car right next to you. It happened on Tuesday night in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens described what happened on Tuesday night around 9:30 PM. The situation took place near the Interstate 229 and Minnesota Avenue interchange.

“There was a passenger in another car that pointed what he thought was a gun. The passenger fired the weapon and something hit his windshield.”

The victim stopped to assess the damage and Clemens reported though the incident was harrowing, to say the least, the damage it could have been worse.

“When the victim looked at it, he realized that it was probably a BB gun. The victim was not able to get a license plate number.”

The vehicle was described as a gold-colored Chevy Impala and the victim was not injured. No description of the suspects was available.


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