From the “I want my phone” rage file comes an incident that injured one man and got another arrested. According to Sioux Falls Police it happened on Friday.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says the call arrived shortly after 1:00 PM as the apartment on South Summit Avenue was the location of a party from the night before.

“The suspect stayed over(night) and was sleeping. He woke up that afternoon and wanted his phone. Maybe he lost it or thought somebody stole it. He started yelling and screaming.”

From there Clemens says the rage continued with household items used as weapons.

“The victim was hit by a large curtain rod then ran to a bedroom and closed the door. The suspect forced open the door and at that time he had a gardening tool with the three prongs on it. The suspect swung it, hit the victim in the face a couple of times with that.”

Even after police arrived, 23-year old John Kelly James, Jr. was very hostile and fought with and spit at officers. James, Jr. faces aggravated assault charges.

The 31-year old victim was treated at the scene for minor cuts.

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