An emphasis for the Sioux Falls Police Street Crimes Unit is finding instances of human trafficking. Sometimes when you cast out the net you catch someone in a crime of a different kind.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says a woman was waiting at 4th Street and Main Avenue around 5:30 PM Monday.

“Officers found an internet ad and contacted the woman and arranged to meet at a northeast Sioux Falls hotel. She was ultimately arrested for prostitution. The focus of these (investigations) is not to find and arrest prostitutes but to find those that are involved in human trafficking.”

The 25-year old woman from Milwaukee was taken into custody. She is considered innocent until proven guilty. Noting that there have been previous ties between prostitution and the city of Milwaukee, Clemens says that’s not the only city of origin for people who are committing these crimes.

“We’ve had women that are from the Los Angeles area, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago arrested for prostitution.”

It’s hard to pinpoint a reason why prostitutes will make their way to Sioux Falls. Clemens believes it’s possible that Sioux Falls is on the way to or from a different destination with the major highways being a factor. Typically, prostitutes will spend a couple of days in Sioux Falls then continue to another city.

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