A number of counterfeiting ca ses have recently surfaced in Sioux Falls. Police continue to preach that businesses need to be vigilant in protecting themselves from getting scammed.

The two most recent cases involve $100 bills with one reported near 11th Street and Summit Avenue and the second near 57th and Cliff Avenue. Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens revealed that this is an alarming surge in bogus bills.

“We’ve had thirteen different cases of fake $100 bills since November. Some of these (counterfeits) are pretty elaborate while some are pretty obvious.”

Clemens elaborated about the specific characteristics of the fakes which fall into three main categories.

“The more sophisticated (scam) has a $5 bill changed to look like the $100. You can tell it is fake by looking at the watermark. If you hold it up to the light, you can see the security strip that says the denomination. In this case the clerk did that and kept it from the suspect and turned it over to us.”

“(We also see) bills that have ‘For Motion Picture Use Only” on them and other $100 bills with Chinese symbols on the front and back. It’s not illegal to have these bills. You cannot use them as money.”

During this busy retail season, Clemens urges anyone who handles money to watch carefully when a big bill arrives. Paying attention for that extra second will prevent scammers from walking away with cash and merchandise.

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