How it happened is still at issue. What did occur is not in dispute as two people are on the loose from the Minnehaha County Correction Center on West Russell Street.

Two inmates escaped from the minimum security unit during the early morning hours Wednesday August 8. They are William Lowell Calkins who is charged with 2nd degree burglary plus 2nd degree intentional damage to property and Roy Charles Hampton Warden who is accused of possession and distribution/manufacture of a controlled drug.

Warden Jeff Gromer says the investigation into how and why they escaped is ongoing.

“We’ve got to review a lot of video and do follow up interviews with other inmates to see what other correspondence that they’ve had such as phone calls with people outside the facility. All that takes time.”

Even though the men escaped, Gromer says the charges they face warranted their minimum security status.

“That falls in line with the charges they are facing. Most of the time without a serious institutional history or previous convictions for violent offenses, the controlled substances charges and property crimes will generate that minimum classification. Both were classified appropriately as minimum security.”

Gromer also believes that the escapees are not armed but should not be approached.

If anyone has information about either Calkins or Hampton, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 605-367-4300.

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