Gas prices continue to rise around Sioux Falls and most of the United States. Fall is usually the time of year when we see gas prices inch down a bit. But it looks like we can expect to see gas prices continue on to rise.

AAA states that this is what is happening:

“Crude oil has priced higher amid concerns of global crude supply and geopolitical tensions, including pending sanctions with Iran and Venezuela’s unstable economy. Crude oil accounts for half of the retail pump price and crude is selling at some of the highest price points in four years. That means fall and year-end prices are going to be unseasonably expensive.”

According to GasBuddy here are some the Gas Prices around Sioux Falls:
-Costco – 2.69
-Sam's Club – 2.74
-Frying J – 2.77
-Love's – 2.79
-Cenex – 2.79
-Gas Stop – 2.79
-Freedom – 2.84
-Sinclair – 2.84
-Howes Oil – 2.85
-Shell – 2.85

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