Those lobbying for Falls Park to become a safer environment for all by adding additional railings and viewing platforms around areas close to the rapidly moving water current are beginning to get their wish.

According to KSFY, work is now underway on building new viewing platforms and railings. This comes on the heels of work that was also done last week to place large rocks north of the pedestrian bridge. That move was made to help prevent flooding as the project continues.

Up next, Mother Nature needs to start cooperating. This deep freeze, we've been under for what feels like months, needs to finally dissipate. Warmer temps are needed so we can finally start melting snow. Once that begins, crews can start the next stages of the construction project.

KSFY reports that back in July, of 2018, the Sioux Falls City Council voted unanimously to add new viewing platforms and railings to the lower falls area of Falls Park. The project will be paid for by using surplus capital funds.

If all goes as planned, the work is expected to be completed this June.

Source: KSFY TV

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