It's a big weekend for those of us who own electric bikes here in the Sioux Empire. If you have an e-bike, you can start riding them on the Sioux Falls bike trails beginning Saturday, (June 1).

Dakota News Now is reporting that Class II e-bikes are cleared for takeoff beginning Saturday on the recreation trails throughout the Sioux Falls area.

Saturday, (June 1) is when a new city ordinance amendment kicks in that allows Class II e-bikes to join Class I e-bikes on City trails.

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There are a few stipulations that e-bike owners must follow, for instance, users must adhere to the 15-mph speed limit and be cautious to prevent accidents or collisions.

The Sioux Falls recreational trails are filled with walkers, joggers, bicyclists, etc. The city wants to ensure every resident can enjoy the city trails safely.

Brett Kollars, assistant director of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation told Dakota News Now, “The trail is a shared amenity, catering to various recreational activities, it’s not just for bikes. With approximately 550 daily users engaging in biking, running, walking, and more, the department emphasizes the need for courtesy and cooperation among all trail users for safe enjoyment.”

Safety guidelines remain the primary focus, every user is asked to follow safety guidelines, which include controlling speed, keeping to the right, yielding to pedestrians, passing on the left with audible signals, and prohibiting motorized vehicles not authorized to be on the trail.

According to Dakota News Now, here is a list of the motorized vehicles that are not permitted on Sioux Falls recreation trails at this time, class III e-bikes, electric scooters, electric one-wheels, fully electric and gas-powered mobility devices, electric pedal-less bikes, and all other motorized vehicles other than Class I and Class II e-bikes.

The Sioux Falls recreation trails are comprised of over 36 miles of paved trails, including 19 miles on the Greenway Recreation Main Trail Loop. The trail system is available for use year-round by Sioux Falls residents.

You can see a map of the Sioux Falls Recreation Trails here.

Source: Dakota News Now/City of Sioux Falls

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