Our historic April blizzard over the weekend has torpedoed the Project NICE/KEEP plans for this week in Sioux Falls. 13+ inches of snow has a tendency to do that I guess.

KSFY TV is reporting the city of Sioux Falls has pulled the plug on the plans for the annual spring clean up program slated to happen this week in two separate areas of the city.

According to KSFY, the intent of Project NICE/KEEP is to give neighborhoods a helping hand in the form of a cleanup using City volunteers, as well as educational materials about the City and its services.

Due to the fact that spring hasn't shown up quite yet, the city is asking people in designated cleanup neighborhoods not to put any items out by the curb until further notice.

KSFY is reporting that as of now, it's too early to make any decisions about when the project will be rescheduled. However, the Environmental Health Division of the city will inform those living in the designated cleanup neighborhoods of the makeup dates just as soon as they have been determined.

You can take a look at the neighborhoods selected for 2018 Project NICE/KEEP here.

Source: KSFY TV

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