To a child, a bicycle, scooter or wagon is much more than mere transportation. It's a rocket to the moon, a rollercoaster ride, a horse galloping down a country road, a stock car in the Brickyard 400, in other words, anything their imagination wants it to be. These vehicles have been an integral part of childhood, almost forever. But not for every child.

That is where Chariots for Children come in. This wonderful charitable organization came to my attention last week when they were recognized as "Siouxperheroes" by the Sioux Falls City Council. The Siouxperhero Citizen Recognition Program was created to shine a light on the "positive stories, people, and developments" in Sioux Falls", and to encourage the rest of us to become a more active force for good.

Chariots for Children provides bikes, scooters, wagons and walking aids to children who seriously ill, less fortunate, or come from broken families. Founded in 2015 and now into their 4th year of giving, this endeavor is completely funded by sponsorships from local businesses and individuals.

Every year of its existence, this group has held what they refer to as "The Build", a gathering where over 100 community members, families, and friends build the bikes, scooter, etc., and then share fellowship over breakfast. This year "The Build" is happening at 9 AM on December 15, at Airway Auto Service, Inc. at 2110 N. Westport Avenue in Sioux Falls.

You can donate and/or become a sponsor to Chariots for Children online and follow them on Facebook for more information.



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