The world can be a confusing and scary place when you, a family member, or a friend are dealing with homelessness, addiction, mental health issues, or other problems.

It is exactly then that little things can provide a light toward recovering your life. As someone has said, "Sometimes a little help goes a long way".

Journey of Hope backpack
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That is really what the non-profit Journey of Hope is all about. An area couple, Kari and Darin Palmer, started the group as a tribute to their late son. They lost 26-year-old Sven to an alcohol overdose and were witnesses to his struggle and the challenges he had dealing with depression and addiction.

Part of his struggles involved just having access to basic hygiene items, and he always appreciated a clean pair of socks. This inspired Kari and Darin to do the same for others in need.

Journey of Hope is being spotlighted by our friends at Sioux Falls Simplified through June, during a month-long fundraiser. The goal is to raise $5,000 that will go to Journey of Hope to help them continue with their work.

helping hand and blue backpack
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Journey of Hope puts together blue vinyl backpacks with basic hygiene items like shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, a pair of socks, and more. The blue backpacks are a reminder of their late son, who always had a blue backpack with him.

Journey of Hope partners with other wonderful Sioux Falls non-profits and 11 Sioux Falls schools to make sure these items get to the people who need them most. They also have an arts program designed to offer hope to people who are struggling with multiple issues.

You can help people who are very much in need by contributing to this fundraiser, or by simply volunteering to help Journey of Hope put these backpacks together. For more information see Journey of Hope online, on Facebook,  or call (605) 610-8130.

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