Sioux Falls is gearing up for another Black Lives Matter protest this weekend.

Dakota News Now reports the next protest is planned for Saturday (June 13) beginning at 2:00 PM.

According to organizers, the march is scheduled to start on Minnesota Avenue between 33rd and 41st Street. Originally the demonstration was planned to run from McKennan Park down Phillips Avenue to Falls Park.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that this one remains on the peaceful side, and doesn't take a detour down destruction lane like the last Sioux Falls protest ended up doing almost two weeks ago.

That is definitely the intent of organizers this time around. The hope is to have a peaceful demonstration against police brutality and racism.

Officer Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department told Dakota News Now, “I think we’ve got a really good, strong relationship with the community and we’ve been getting a lot of support from community members as well. But it’s not always the same, what we’re doing here in Sioux Falls doesn’t translate to the whole rest of the county. Some of this, I believe, is people expressing their frustration with what’s happening nationwide. There’s nothing wrong with that, we just want to make sure that they are going to be safe.”

The Facebook page promoting the event has gone out of its way to ask  people not come with the intent of inciting violence or destroying property.

Here's to exercising our First Amendment Rights on Saturday afternoon without having to call an insurance agent on Monday morning.

Source: Dakota News Now

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