As police departments across the nation continue to come under fire as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, the city of Sioux Falls gave its police force a strong show of support on Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds of pro law enforcement supporters lined Minnesota Avenue between 3rd and 6th streets on Saturday (August 8) to show their appreciation for the men and women in blue.

As Dakota News Now reports, the Black and Blue rally was designed to encourage Sioux Falls residents to come down that afternoon in support of the Sioux Falls Police Department.

The rally comprised of people waving flags, playing music, and cheering on police officers that passed lasted for several hours. According to Dakota News Now, many of the supporters brought along Blue Lives Matter flags and other flags to help show support for the city's first responders.

Sioux Empire resident, Wendy Larson-Hickcox, told Dakota News Now, “It’s wonderful to know that there’s more than just a few of us or a handful. There’s a lot of us and I’m sure there’s a lot who couldn’t make it today. God bless them for their hearts being with us ‘cause I’m sure they are.”

Not everyone in attendance that afternoon was there to give law enforcement an old attaboy! There were a handful of people lined up on the opposite side of the street that showed up with signs in support of defunding the police and the Black Lives Matter, movement.

Dakota News Now reports, the two sides co-existed peacefully throughout the rally. Both groups remained on their respective sides of the street as law enforcement monitored the gatherings near by.

Source: Dakota News Now

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