Next time you walk the streets of downtown Sioux Falls, you will have something new to look at it, besides the natural beauty that is the downtown area of South Dakota largest city.

KSFY TV reports on Saturday morning, (May 4), 59 new art sculptures were added to the Downtown Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk.

The 2019 exhibit is just a tad bigger, as it features two additional art pieces over last year's Sculpture Walk.

The new art pieces will help to boost the Sioux Falls economy, as well as help to attract numerous residents and visitors to the downtown area throughout the next year.

Sculpture Walk, Ambassador Jeff Hanson told KSFY TV, "There's a study that was done, Harvard University Arts for the Americans, that the average visitor, to visit a cultural spot, and art, spends $32. Now it's been estimated that we attract about 300,000 people a year to see Sculpture Walk here in Sioux Falls."

According to the KSFY report, the Sculpture Walk is estimated to have a $10 million dollar economic impact on the city during the coming year.

The new 2019 Sculpture Walk artwork will be on display in downtown Sioux Falls through next April for people to enjoy.

Source: KSFY TV

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