The city of Sioux Falls has become known for a number of signature landmarks and fun things to do throughout the years, one of the biggest has got to be the Downtown SculptureWalk, that three-mile roundtrip stretch of sculpture art that starts and ends at the Washington Pavilion and lines both sides of Phillips Avenue and Main Street.

The addition of the SculptureWalk in 2004 has played a huge role in the transformation of the downtown area in Sioux Falls, helping to make it an even more, fun, and vibrant environment for both residents and visitors to hang out in while in Sioux Falls.

Right now the city is in the process of preparing to install a new crop of sculpture art for the 2023-2024 season.

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As Dakota News Now reports, the new artwork that will soon be showcased on downtown streets will mark the 20th version of this Sioux Falls exhibit.

To help commemorate this milestone, ScultureWalk leadership has commissioned another Sioux Falls fixture, Severance Brewing Company downtown to make a special craft beer to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The new brew called 'Walk of Art' will make its Sioux Falls debut on Friday, (May 5). That is the same day some of the 67 new sculpture pieces will be installed in the city.

Severance sales manager Lindsay Perout told Dakota News Now, 'Walk of Art' will be a pale ale, and combine the sweetness of apricot with the slight bitterness of a pale ale. For people that like something a bit fruity, it offers that at the beginning, but it does have that little bit of bitterness at the end.”

Beer lovers will be able to find it on tap at Severance, along with at least a couple more downtown restaurants.

To help spread the SculptureWalk spirit, the gang at Severance is lobbying even more establishments in Sioux Falls to carry their new creation.

According to Dakota News Now, the SculptureWalk board has also organized a reception for the artists of the new sculptures being installed on Friday, May 5.

The artists, along with some of the luminaries who chose their work, will have the opportunity to take part in a downtown "pub crawl" that's on tap the very next day.

Severance Brewing will get that party started as both artists and luminaries check out the new sculptures and enjoy a few brews along the way. I have a pretty good feeling several glasses of 'Walk of Art' will be consumed by all those folks that day.

Source: Dakota News Now

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