By this time next year you'll be able to check on the progress of Sioux Falls snow crews as they work. Megan Raposa from Sioux Falls Simplified is reporting that the city of Sioux Falls is going to be adding technology to the city plows.

"Streets Operations Manager Dustin Hanson told the City Council on Tuesday that the goal is 'to have real-time updates on where plows and motor graders are by 2024' during future weather events."

Hanson also gave the council an in-depth look at how snow removal works within the city, giving updates on everything from the fleet, to the ten straight weeks of 12-hour shifts city teams worked to remove snow this winter.- -Megan Raposa/Sioux Falls Simplified

Sioux Falls residents already can log onto the city website for snow alert info and set up customized notifications, but this technology will take this a step further by giving people street-by-street information as the plows are working.

The tracker will use different colors (red, yellow and green) to indicate progress on city roads (not done, in progress, done, respectively).- -Megan Raposa/Sioux Falls Simplified

So in the future, you'll have a clearer picture of just where the hardworking city crews are and the work they've already done.

Source: Sioux Falls Simplified/Megan Raposa

A Survival Guide For Your First Winter in South Dakota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and the rest of the Sioux Empire (AKA southeastern South Dakota) are welcoming thousands of new residents every year.

Many of you new folks will be experiencing your first eastern South Dakota winter. While it doesn't usually get as bad as our Dakota friends up north, I speak from experience when I say it can get a little rough.

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