Everyone knows that food is one of the most important elements of any Super Bowl party. Especially if you're only there for that very thing or you're really not a football fan.

I know that is probably a sacrilegious thing to say in this part of the world, where high school football has its own title- - "Friday Night Lights". But the only reason we ever went to football games was to see the guys. Not to see the guys play. Just to see them.

Football and I have never been on friendly terms, but one of my best friends is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, another is a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan (he knows who he is), so I make the occasional effort to pay attention to the game, but only if delicious snacks are involved.

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For the Vikings fan in my life, it was a tradition to make a whole bunch of amazing food and invite our group of friends over for libations, plates full of nummies, and of course football for the Super Bowl.

Then came the year that another pal and I were a bit too boisterous- - disturbing my little Vikings fan's delicate nature. So the invites don't come anymore. He prefers to watch his football games in silence. Go figure!

In any case, I'm hoping that if someone wins the Hormel 15-gallon Chili Keg here in Sioux Falls, they'll let me know about it.

The eye-popping keg was made to serve up the perfect combination of chili and cheese in a gloriously hot & melty condition right out of a tap handle shaped like a can of Hormel chili. Go ahead and take a peek at it here.

Instant nachos with chili & cheese? Yes. A  personal bowl of chili & cheese? Yes. Chili & cheese on a baked potato, or potato skins? Yes and yes!

How would one win this giant vessel of heavenly delights? You would have had to register on Hormel's Chili Cheese Keg website through February 6, 2022. So sorry to say your window has closed for this year's Super Bowl, but there is next year, my friends!

Source: Chew Boom

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