As the Highway 100 project continues, a necessary step is causing a pause for through traffic on Rice Street. Lots of dirt and other material is getting moved from the high side to the low side of the road.

The armada of dirt movers also known as scrapers are taking dirt from the south side of Rice Street across the road to fill in space to build up the road that will eventually cross above railroad tracks as the new surface extends to the north toward the Big Sioux River.

Owners of the property where the dirt is being extracted don’t have an agricultural use for the land. Conversely there’s a shortage of that kind of material where the road needs to be built which causes the hiccup for the traveling public.

Generally all of the scrapers will cross the road at the same time which will cause a minimum of disruption. Also be advised that at the crossing there are plates spread out on Rice Street to protect the established asphalt surface from the heavy equipment which means temporary reduced speeds are also in effect.

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