Aurora Borealis watchers can tell you that there have been some amazing displays in certain parts of the tri-state area this year. Hopefully, for the next several days we'll have that opportunity in Sioux Falls.

According to the National Weather Service, there is a possibility of northern light activity as far south as Iowa and Nebraska for tonight. However, there is also the chance that clouds may roll in and spoil the opportunity.

The Aurora Borealis is the result of solar storms sending charged particles (electrons and protons) into our atmosphere where they collide with Earth's gases causing the Northern Lights phenomena.

Your best viewing window here in Sioux Falls is from midnight tonight (11/30) through 3 AM December 1st. Of course, it is recommended that you get away from city light pollution if you can and set your gaze on the northern sky.

For more information see the National Weather Service Facebook page or go to Space Weather.

Sources: National Weather Service Facebook and Space Weather

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