I hope you don't have any clown phobias, because if costume sales are any kind of indicator, expect to see a few kiddos, and a bunch of adults dressed up as scary clowns this Tuesday night in the Sioux Empire.

KDLT News is reporting the scary clown costume, and the Wonder Woman getup appear to be the two favorites flying off the shelves most often this Halloween shopping season at Halloween Express in Sioux Falls.

Their sudden popularity is no doubt fueled by the movies "Wonder Woman" and "It."

Paul Sieber owner of Halloween Express told KDLT News, this past Friday and Saturday have been the busiest shopping days so far for the 2017 Halloween season. Sieber said he’s had to re-order different versions of the scary clown costume three times already since the store opened.

As far as what costumes are trending nationwide during 2017, according to USA Today, 3.7 million kids plan to go out as action/superheroes this Halloween night. The action/superhero costume is followed closely by Batman characters and of course the ever popular princess attire.

48% of adults surveyed said they plan to dress up in costume this year. Hopping a broom, and being a "witch" appears to be the most popular choice with adults, followed by various Batman characters like the Dark Knight himself, and Catwoman. Oddly enough, animal costumes like a dog and a cat came in third. What, no zombie costumes? Somewhere Rick Grimes is shedding a tear. And where's Trump? The prez has to crash a few Halloween parties this year, right?

If you're still on the prowl for the perfect Halloween costume, Halloween Express will be open through (November 1).

Source: KDLT TV/USA Today

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