Sioux Falls has been on the radar of a number of media outlets across the country the past few days, thanks to a cyber symposium being put on by the CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell.

The three-day conference, which concluded on Thursday (August 12), was held at the South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance Building on West Russell Street.

According to, Lindell's purpose for hosting the event was to share data he had obtained that allegedly proves the 2020 U.S. Presidential election was hacked with the help of China in favor of Joe Biden.

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Dakota News Now published a report stating that during Thursday's event, Lindell told the crowd attending he was attacked late Wednesday night outside his Sioux Falls hotel.

Sioux Falls police did confirm they are in the process of investigating an assault that was called in around 11:30 PM on Wednesday (August 11) at a hotel near Russell Street and West Avenue.

Marcy's Law prohibits authorities from being able to confirm the identity of the victim involved in Wednesday's attack.

However, authorities did tell Dakota News Now, no arrests have been made yet regarding the incident.

The Insider is reporting that during the 72-hour conference held in Sioux Falls, Lindell made claims that "antifa things" were attempting to infiltrate the event. There was also a video taken during the event that showed a handful of people in the venue's parking singing hymns as reported by the Insider.

Source: The Insider/Dakota News Now

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