Imagine arriving at the Sioux Falls Airport, deplaning, walking to the main concourse area to retrieve your luggage, and the first thing you see is a table of guns.

I'll take things you never see in a New York airport for 1000 Alex.

That was the case for Samuel Singangwe a traveler from New York, whose tweet on Friday, (October 20) from the Sioux Falls Airport went viral setting off a firestorm on firearms.

This past weekend was the first official weekend residents from outside of South Dakota were allowed to pheasant hunt in the state.

As you can imagine hundreds of pheasant hunters were arriving. That presented a great opportunity for a guy like Rich Larson, the owner of Last Chance Auction and others just like him to set up several hunting related booths inside the airport that were targeted at the hunters arriving.

According to KDLT News, Singangwe saw Larson's Last Chance Auction booth and immediately sent out a tweet that contained pictures of the booth saying, “Just landed in Sioux Falls. They are selling guns at the airport.”

As it turned out, Singangwe's tweet was re-tweeted more than 8,000 times, with many negative comments about it attached.

The booth Larson had set up in the airport on Friday displayed a mix of rifles, shotguns, and handguns and was aimed at advertising his upcoming gun auction on Thursday, (October 26). There we no firearms for sale, and as Larson told KDLT News, he followed all the laws you would follow to go to a gun show. "The guns were secured, and everything was fine; not loaded, no ammo.”

Singangwe did correct his mistake on Twitter several hours later, by tweeting out “It turns out he was advertising the guns for an auction.”

Larson told KDLT News, “I would hope that you get your facts straight before you put it out there, and secondly understand that there is responsible gun owners."

The whole incident did illustrate to Larson just how big of a divide there is when it comes to guns and how people view them.

As Larson says, “Some people get excited to see the firearms and appreciate them, and some people are totally turned off. So you can see that divide.”

KDLT News did attempt to reach out Singangwe to get his story on the situation and received no response.

Source: KDLT TV

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