The city of Sioux Falls wants to hear your input regarding the next phase of construction planned for the Veterans Parkway project that will span an area of roadway from I‑29 to 57th Street in the southern part of the city.

As Dakota News Now reports, a combination fact-finding, feedback mission is now underway by officials with the South Dakota Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, and the City of Sioux Falls.

Officials have launched a virtual public meeting now through (May 29) on a website dedicated to the project. People having interest in the project will be able to offer up feedback after watching video messages created by the project team.

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According to Dakota News Now, people will be able to view the 2012 Environmental Assessment and then offer up thoughts regarding any environmental or regulation changes that may have occurred since its development.

As Dakota News Now reports, the South Dakota Transportation Commission approved the plans to complete construction back in 2020 on roughly 8.5 miles of remaining roadway that will make up the most southern part of the Veterans Parkway.

The planning, design, and permitting phase for this project is happening at this time.

Dakota News Now reports the construction phase of the South Veterans Parkway project will occur starting in 2023 and will roll out over a number of different phases lasting until the project is fully completed sometime in 2026.

One of the big reasons for the South Veterans Parkway project is to accommodate expected traffic growth in the region.

According to the city, the entire Veterans Parkway project will cost nearly $208.9 million.

Source: Dakota News Now

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