A number of people here in the Sioux Empire soon getting ready to say "I Do", now find themselves saying "I Don't Know What to Do" after word broke this week that an area tuxedo chain store has unexpectedly closed its doors.

Dakota News Now is reporting that Tip Top Tux has allegedly called it quits here in Sioux Falls and that news has left a number of wedding parties in the area panicked and scrambling.

One of those soon-to-be brides is Katie Christie, her wedding is just two and a half weeks away, she told Dakota News Now, “We found out from the best man’s wife, she called us and told us that the store in Sioux City had closed, so we decided to call the Sioux Falls one. When we called the Sioux Falls one, we got that recording that the phone number had been disconnected.”

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TIP TOP TUX 2425 S, Shirley Ave., Suite 107 Sioux Falls, July 2021 (PHOTO GOOGLE MAPS)

According to Dakota News Now, Christie went to the Sioux Falls store to check things out, and when she arrived she found a note on the door stating they were closed for the day.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, the South Dakota Better Business Bureau has some advice.

Jessie Schmidt with the South Dakota BBB, told Dakota News Now, “Our best advice to you is to keep as much documentation as you can, if you have any contracts, how you paid them, any receipts.”

Another option is to file something with the bankruptcy court once you get definitive word that the business has closed. Getting your name on the bankruptcy court list provides you with a path to help allow you to get something for your losses.

This shocking news does have a happy ending of sorts. Anyone that has ever lived in the Midwest for a period of time knows that we have a tendency to take care of our own, so it will come as no big surprise that a number of area businesses are stepping up to the plate to help out.

As Dakota News Now reports, businesses like The Bridal GalleryMen’s Wearhouse in Sioux Falls, and Halberstadt’s in the mall are just some of the area businesses offering to help out soon-to-be brides and grooms now left searching for solutions.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of these area businesses, hopefully, all of the wedding parties now left in a lurch, will find themselves in tip-top shape before their big day.

Source: Dakota News Now

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