It appears that it doesn’t take long for Sioux Falls snow piles to dwindle in the right conditions. Probably just over two weeks.

To recap, Sioux Falls hauled in 20.4 inches of snow from April 13, through April 18. It had to go somewhere and in many parking lots was temporarily shoved to the side.

There was one prominent pile at the Hy-Vee at 37th and Minnesota. On April 25 it was still pretty large. It was worth a shot to wonder how long it would take to erase that pile.

Here’s confirmation that temperatures in the 60’s and one day in the 70’s, plus some pretty strong wind reduced the snow pile significantly. There’s also the heating of the parking lot surface that had a lot to do with it.

Also it’s interesting to note that the pile at The Bridges at 57th and Western did not melt as significantly as the Hy-Vee pile. There are more buildings there which reduced the amount of sunlight and wind which would amplify the melting effect.

If you had April 30 or May 1 on the day the snow left, you're a winner.

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