Tuesday proved to be a busy day for the Sioux Falls Police Department as a number of weather related accident calls flooded their phone banks. Thanks to Mother Nature's latest winter storm, streets, and roadways around the city were slick and snow-covered.

KSFY TV reported several crashes and fender benders around the Sioux Empire on Tuesday, (March 6). The most significant accident appeared to be between two-vehicles located on I-229 between Western Avenue and Minnesota Avenue.

According to KSFY, that accident took place around 8:00 on Tuesday morning when a pickup and an SUV collided. Both vehicles were severely damaged, authorities have yet to release details on whether anyone was injured as a result of the crash.

Police and Highway Patrol advised caution while traveling the better part of the day on Tuesday in the aftermath of the blizzard that left many roads across eastern South Dakota icy and snow covered.

The good news, it's March, that means temperatures will begin to cooperate much faster when it comes to melting snow brought on by these late winter, early spring snow storms.

Our friends at KSFY are predicting highs in the upper 30's by the weekend and possibly even into the low 40's by early next week. Be patient spring is coming! I hope!

Source: KSFY TV

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