The balance beam, the uneven bars, the horizontal bars, the parallel bars, the rings, and other gymnastics activities are safe for at least three more years in the Sioux Falls School District.

Dakota News Now is reporting that last week, the Sioux Falls School District reached an agreement in the Title IX lawsuit that will keep the girl's gymnastics program in the district for at least three more years.

The Sioux Falls School District told Dakota News Now, “Aspects of the case remain pending while the parties await a decision from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Sioux Falls School District will continue to promote high school athletic and activities opportunities for all students through quality programs and a wide range of offerings. Future decisions about the girls’ gymnastics program will be made through the District’s regular processes.”

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Last April the district approved a tentative budget that did not include gymnastics. A decline in participation was cited as the reason why the gymnastics program was being cut.  Needless to say, once the gymnastics program went on the chopping block it was met with a great deal of frustration and anger by both students and parents.

That prompted some female high school athletes to file a complaint in district court against the Sioux Falls School District in September of 2023.

As Dakota News Now reported in October of last year, U.S. District Judge Charles Kornmann issued a preliminary injunction in the lawsuit that was filed in response to the school district cutting the sport of gymnastics. The ruling stated that the school district cannot sell any gymnastics equipment, and must continue providing the gymnastics program as the case continues through court.

The injunction states the district cannot restrict or deny the gymnastics program access to facilities, coaching, training, or competitive opportunities.

According to Dakota News Now, Judge Kornmann’s ruling also stated that athletes have successfully shown they will suffer irreparable harm by not participating in gymnastics, and possibly suffering a Title IX violation.

For now, female gymnasts and their parents can breathe a temporary sigh of relief as the gymnastics program appears to be safe for at least three more seasons as they wait for the official ruling from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Source: Dakota News Now

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