A Sioux Falls landlord has found himself in an enormous mess, literally!

About eight months ago Andy Gibson rented his house on South Euclid Avenue to a couple named George and Jennifer Zimmer. He went through the exact same procedure he does, every time he is about to rent a property, he ran a complete and thorough background check with the police department and everything appeared to check out.

The Zimmer's moved in, and things started out just fine. They were friendly, and it seemed like they were going to be the perfect tenants. Until one day, he started having issues with them paying the rent on time.

Gibson never received the rent for the month of December, even after asking the Zimmer's repeatedly to please pay up. Having had enough of their tardiness, Gibson took matters into legal hands, going through the eviction process.

When he was finally allowed to legally enter his rental property what he found was a scene that resembled something out of the 1990 Michael Keaton movie "Pacific Heights."

KDLT News is reporting Gibson found his rental home littered with trash, animal feces and urine. The toilets were clogged, and there appeared to be what looks like a bullet hole through an upstairs window of one of the rooms.

According to Gibson, “Everything is wrecked, everything that I have re-done in this house, everything needs to be done again.”

A man currently living in North Carolina can relate to Gibson's predicament. He too rented a property to the Zimmer's back in 2013 in Sioux Falls.

Matt Bocan had a rental property on Denton Avenue. He signed a lease with the Zimmer's, only to receive a warning call from a previous landlord of the Zimmer's 15 days later. The individual informed Bocan of the Zimmer's antics. Bocan says his heart sank, and he immediately starting doing some research. What he found was crazy, “They are very good at what they do, and they’ve perfected it,” according to Bocan.

Bocan eventually gained entrance to his rental property only to find the same type of thing, carpets in the home covered in what he believed was dog feces and urine. The condition of the home was so bad that a friend of Bocan's who joined him that day, was standing inside with his socks, as he walked outside, you could see a trail of footprints like he walked through a puddle. Bocan said, “It was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen.”

Bocan also evicted the Zimmer's from the home.

Gibson is still in contact with the Zimmer's. KDLT News reports that Mr. Zimmer texted Gibson on Wednesday, (January 25) to let him know that he will be stopping by the home this weekend with a U-Haul to pick up their personal items and to clean the house.

To help prevent other property managers and landlords from stepping into the same trap Gibson and Bocan got caught in, a website with a landlord blog, has been created. The site is called, 'The Zimmer Experience.'  Information on the site dates back to 2013.

Source: KDLT News

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