Go ahead. Just ask Sioux Falls drivers what makes them grit their teeth in anger, roll their eyes, or want to park their vehicle in the garage, and leave it there - forever - and they'll tell you!

That is exactly what we did with a Facebook question that asked what annoying and/or illegal things have you seen people do in traffic. What we found out, is that people have a lot of grievances they wanted to air and share with everyone else.

Not surprisingly, a lot of drivers had similar complaints about certain driving - - irritations. Perhaps hoping to drive home the point to the offending motorists.

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Here then is just a small sample of the responses given:

  • Shannon Reker - "Running red lights and stop signs!"
  • Alison Winslow-Schneider  - "The complete inability to understand what a yield sign means".
  • Kelly Buchanan - "Not knowing how to work a four-way stop!! Just all sit and stare at each other waiting for someone to go".
  • Chris Mager Wevik - "Littering! OMG - nothing chaps my arse more. Like, WHY? What kind of pig feels it's ok to throw their trash out anywhere they please?? Grrrr!"
  • Kristyne Reavis - "Going East on Cliff after the 229 exit. People speeding in the right-hand lane just to almost clip the cars, to jump back into the left lane before the road goes down to one lane. How much time do you really save getting 4 cars ahead?"
  • Diana Ingram - "Tailgating!!! Drives me crazy! Tailgate me and I will just go slower."
  • Gina Trudell - "Driving with no working brake lights. Using the exit lane as a passing lane."
  • Cindy Linton Sullenger - "Not turning their lights on in rain or snow."
  • Tracy Fodness - "People who ride bumpers! Like seriously?? Get off that person's rear end!"
  • Lydia Healy - "Dog on the driver's lap hanging out the window."
  • Gloria M Falconer - "NOT USING THE BLINKER!!!!"
  • Kim Evans Stamper - "People swerving all over the road, you'd swear they're drunk. But when you get side-by-side with them, the dumbass is on their phone texting.

So there you have it. Sioux Falls motorists are mad and they're not going to take it anymore!!!

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