When we were making a list of dive bars we wanted to visit on our tour, we were told we HAD to go to the Log Cabin because it is "the biggest dive bar in Sioux Falls." The bar that sits in a mobile home park on Burnside doesn't have a very good reputation. Many friends told us not to go at all. Some said go at 3:00 PM on a Saturday with a lot of people. Several told us not to go at night. We decided to take our chances and stopped by the Log Cabin on a Friday night about 6:00 PM.

The tour included my friends, Dusti, Merri, Nettie, Yvonne, Marilyn, our "bodyguard" Jeff, and me. It was pretty early for things to get too crazy. Only four regulars sat at the bar. It was definitely the smallest dive bar we'd been to. The ceilings are low and I felt tall for once. There a few tables and bar stools, four video lottery machines, a pool table, and a jukebox.

Gloria was the bartender. She's worked at the Log Cabin for 12 years. Gloria is a breast cancer survivor and when her hair started to grow back after chemo, she decided to do a multi-color hairdo. She's never gone back to one color. Gloria is awesome!

The Log Cabin has been around for over 60 years. At one time it was a horse stable.

There's no kitchen at the Log Cabin, but they do have a pizza oven and will make you a Heggie's Pizza, which is made in Minnesota.

I have a friend who goes to the Log Cabin after every Bike Night at J&L Harley Davidson in the summer. The bar is a place for regulars to enjoy a cold beer or malt beverage (no hard liquor here) and socialize with their friends. But, you don't have to be a regular to visit. Stop by for a cold one and chat with Gloria. You just might become a regular.

It's definitely a dive bar, but not as scary as some will have you think. Don't START any trouble and there won't BE any trouble.

We're ready to go back and visit with Gloria, and we want to try that pizza.

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