If you happen to hear a few loud booms on occasion over the next few weeks in the Northern regions of Sioux Falls don't become alarmed it's not foul play, it's just Sioux Falls Animal Control, working together with the South Dakota Games Fish and Parks Department as they attempt to spook flocks of waterfowl that have moved into the area recently.

Dakota News Now reports that flocks of Canadian Geese have started to migrate to the Sioux Falls area for the winter months. These geese are heading south in search of open water sources, which can be found on rivers like the Big Sioux that run through Sioux Falls.

Animal Control, together with the Game Fish and Parks Department have begun using pyrotechnics and sound cannons with the hope of getting geese to steer clear of the northern region of the city that surrounds the Sioux Falls Airport.

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As Dakota News Now reports, flying geese can damage airplanes by striking windshields or getting sucked into engines. That's why Animal Control is working with the Sioux Falls Regional Airport and other entities like Landscapes Golf Management and the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks to help prevent geese from hanging around areas near the airport to help maintain airplane safety.

According to Dakota News Now, sound cannons are frequently used for the purpose of frightening waterfowl like geese. It's a humane way to scare geese, as well as being ecologically friendly because no chemicals or poisons are used to harm the birds.

Sound cannons are pressure-regulated to create a sonic blast, plus they contain no projectiles, so, they pose no danger to the public.

The sound cannons are programmed to go off several times throughout the day, and will not be used at night.

The city of Sioux Falls encourages anyone who wishes to receive further information regarding this safety operation to contact Animal Control directly at 367-7000.

Source: Dakota News Now

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