Once word broke that Sioux Falls was getting an Amazon Fulfillment Center, I think almost every Amazon customer in the area was excited over the prospect of receiving their Amazon product purchases much more quickly.

After this week's news, those of us living here in southeastern South Dakota that order things through Amazon can expect to start seeing even faster delivery times on products.

On Tuesday, (April 11) the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Sioux Falls announced that it has created a new department designed to speed up product delivery times for Amazon customers around the Sioux Falls region.

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As Dakota News Now reports, the goal is to give customers in South Dakota and throughout the region the same Amazon experience as other states across the country receive, same-day or next-day service whenever possible.

How will the faster delivery times work?

FSD1 General Manager Tim Choate told Dakota News Now, "We house all our product, and so what happens is once it’s in our area, it becomes immediately available to click on Amazon.com. So if you’re in Sioux Falls right now, and you want to order a broom, if we have it on deck, we’re going to send it out to you today. So, you should be able to get it today or tomorrow.”

In addition to even faster delivery times, Amazon just finished forging a new partnership with the University of South Dakota.

Dakota News Now reports, this week Amazon picked USD as the state’s first education partner for Amazon’s Career Choice program. This move will provide tuition assistance to the university for every Amazon hourly employee.

Reinvesting in the South Dakota workforce is the objective.

USD Enrollment Marketing Vice President Scott Pohlson told Dakota News Now, "What we hope with this facility is obviously to meet the workforce needs of our state, that we keep more of our own graduates in our own state and fulfill the workforce needs of the state. So, we are excited to be the first partner in that process.”

If you're an Amazon shopper, the waiting will no longer be the hardest part because, in the coming months, customers can expect to see even more same-day delivery options become available.

Source: Dakota News Now

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