Last year around the holidays, anonymous donors here in the Sioux Empire were helping spread a little cheer with the help of our friends over at KDLT TV by dropping off gold coins to unsuspecting recipients who had fallen upon difficult times and could use a little pick me up.

KDLT News is reporting that spirit of giving has started again, just a little earlier this year. A Sioux Falls mom received an unexpected gift in her mailbox the other day. The woman's name is Rose Bickett.

Rose told KDLT News that her son recently grabbed the mail and said, "Mom, there’s a letter here for you, and it feels heavy like somethings in it!" The comment sparked Rose's attention, so, she immediately opened the letter. Imagine her surprise when inside the letter, she found the gift of a gold coin.

Bickett said, “It totally melted me. And it made me realize that I matter and somebody cares that I’m here, and cares to lighten my load a little bit.”

You need to know that Rose's load in life recently got a bit heavier. In June, the single mom of four was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Bickett's anonymous donor found out about Rose's condition via a Facebook post talking about a benefit to be held later this month in honor of Rose.

The letter mentioned how the anonymous donor was chatting with his wife, discussing whether or not there was something they had, that they could share with Rose and her children that might help during this difficult time. That's how they arrived on the gift of an ounce of gold.

As Rose put it, "That gift is worth more than its weight in gold."

She told KDLT News, it's hard to express in words the gratitude she has for the gift. Bickett says, "For such an act of kindness. I would say thank you, thank you, for showing me there is so much goodness in the world.”

It doesn't bother BIckett not knowing the identity of the people behind the letter and the golden coin. As she says, “It actually feels really special and really sacred left alone as a mystery.”

According to Rose, "Any gift matters, whether it’s your time, whether it’s coming by to mow somebody’s lawn who doesn’t have the energy to mow their own lawn or if its gold coin in the mail, any gift matters.”

As to what Bickett plans to do with her gold coin, Rose says she will keep it somewhere safe. The kind-hearted gift has now inspired her to continue paying it forward.

Source: KDLT TV

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