The temps might be in the 20's but when you're craving a Bing Avalanche and pizza burger you don't care how cold it is. B&G Milkyway at 69th and Louise is open for the season.

The iconic ice cream shop opened for the season Wednesday, March 7. I will be going soon to grab a pizza burger for lunch. I'm hoping they'll still have the Bing Avalanche. The ice cream treat is made with Bing candy bars.

The first B&G Milkyway opened in the 50's at 2410 West 12th Street. Today, there are four Sioux Falls locations, one in Tea, and one in Brandon. The Sioux Falls stores are located at 3300 West 69th Street, 721 S. Sycamore, 5508 West 41st Street and the original 12th Street location.

B&G is mostly known for their soft serve ice cream, especially the homemade strawberry, but, customers regularly enjoy their favorite malt, slushes and Avalances. Make it a meal with a footlong and homemade baked beans.

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