Good news Shopko store lovers, if you're still flying your flag at half mast over the news that Shopko was closing both their Sioux Falls stores, you can raise that flag up to the top of the pole again.

KSFY TV is reporting that one Sioux Falls Shopko store has been spared. The store at 1601 West 41st Street is no longer on the store closures list.

Word broke on Wednesday, (January 16) that both Sioux Falls Shopko locations made the list of store closures after the retailer announced it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

SiouxFalls.Business reports as of Tuesday, (January 22) the closure list affecting the Sioux Falls stores has been amended. The 41st Street location will now remain open, while the Shopko at 4501 East Arrowhead Parkway is still scheduled to close by April 15.

According to SiouxFalls.Business, Shopko has also had a change of heart regarding the closure of other Shopko stores nationwide.

Source: KSFY TV/SiouxFalls.Business

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