One of Sioux Falls finest retired on Thursday (November 2). This particular police officer wasn't your average, ordinary cop. This former crime fighter has four legs, fangs, and is covered in fur.

Max the K-9 cop called it a career on Thursday after spending several years on the Sioux Falls police force.

KDLT News is reporting the Sioux Falls Police Department threw Max a big retirement party on Thursday to help celebrate his various achievements throughout his seven-year career.

No word on what the menu consisted of at the party, but I would imagine there had to have been a few doggie biscuits, and several cans of Alpo, right?

Hey, I wonder if they awarded Max with a gold chew toy?

Max, who began his career with the Sioux Falls police in 2010, is credited with helping his fellow officers solve several different types of drug seizure cases, that involved tens of thousands of dollars in drug related money.

So what does Max plan to do, now that he has retired? According to KDLT News, he will go live with his former handler, Officer Grant Van Voorst.

Going to work just won't be the same says Van Voorst. He told KDLT News, “What I’m going to miss most about working with Max is just him not being there every day. He’s been there for years, every single day I go to work, he’s been there, and now he’s not. That’s going to be difficult.”

Max wasn't the only K-9 cop to be employed by the Sioux Falls PD. Since the K-9 program started back in 1998, 15 different service dogs have come through the department.

Source: KDLT News

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