Just before sunrise on Saturday, November 17, a small dog was near a drainage area in the northwest part of Sioux Falls when a coyote snatched it. The same thing nearly happened one day later in the same vicinity, but the dog escaped.

Sioux Falls Animal Control Supervisor Julie DeJong wants residents who live on the outskirts of the city to know that lots of undomesticated animals will gravitate toward these areas.

“These drainages are great areas for wildlife such as rabbits, mice, raccoons, coyotes, and deer. They will use those areas to live in or travel through.”

If not confronted, DeJong says coyotes have lots of incentive to become bolder around humans.

“They become very accustomed to people and coyotes love to be around us because it’s pretty safe except for cars and there’s a lot of food that they can pick up. We’re also advising people to keep their neighborhoods clean. Keep your pet food inside and don’t lure the coyotes towards your area.”

Should coyotes be spotted in residential areas, DeJong suggests hazing the animal which consists of making noise or tossing objects at the coyote which should scare most of them away. If the coyote doesn’t leave, contact Animal Control.

DeJong admits this coyote has likely lost its fear of humans which means it will need to be trapped and subsequently euthanized.


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