GreatLIFE Fitness in Sioux Falls is again hosting the Lift For a Cause powerlifting meet to raise funds for the Special Olympics of South Dakota. Local lifters are invited to compete in the meet, which will also feature a Special Olympics powerlifting team.

The meet is on June 25, 2022, at the GreatLIFE location in Harrisburg (620 Cliff Avenue).

Registration for athletes is open through June 11, 2022. Register at GreatLIFE Harrisburg and the cost is $30.

For more information contact Edger at

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Powerlifting is different than weightlifting when it comes to competition. In weightlifting, the person attempts to lift the weight over their head. Powerlifting is about lifting as much weight as possible over three attempts in different three lifts: the deadlift, squat, and bench press.

The deadlift is when the person, in a standing position, squats down and attempts to lift a loaded barbell to their hips.

The squat in powerlifting is when the weighted barbell is held on the shoulders behind the head and the person bends at the knees and returns to a standing position.

Benchpress is the classic strength training exercise where the athlete lays on their back on a bench and lifts as much as they can with a barbell, moving the weight from their chest back up, like a reverse push-up.

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