If you're like most parents, you've got kids home from school trying to get the hang of "distance learning" on their laptops.  While it's anything but business as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic it's hard to find a reason to go outdoors. Add to this mix a couple of parents working from home and you'll find the need to get out of the house.

While it's not recommended for the whole family to go shopping together, dining in a restaurant together, or even a house of worship, we should be looking to the wide-open spaces of the great outdoors.

It's important for our mental health to not get that helpless, shut-in feeling but instead getting copious amounts of fresh air. And although many of the Sioux Falls City Parks are closed for recreation, several trails around the Sioux Falls area will offer some relief.

Grab a stretch of the Sioux Falls bike trails, Leaders Park Trails, Good Earth State Park, Falls Park, Gitchie Manitou, the Big Sioux River Loop, the Skyline Trail at Great Bear, Valley of the Giants, or Prairie Vista Trails near Brandon.

If these are new to you then you and the family have some exploring to do. To find the trailheads, download a hiking app such as All-Trails or View Ranger. I have both and they are very reliable and easy to use.

Remember to practice social distancing but strengthen your spirit in the safe haven that's always been there - nature. Happy trails!

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