With a little help from the city of Sioux Falls and their approved mobile food vendor licenses, we put together a list of food trucks that you'll see in Sioux Falls on a regular basis. The food truck business has erupted in the past few years and now there are even special events where several food trucks get together in one location. You'll find some of these trucks outside of bars at closing time, in the parking lot of businesses, area festivals and more.

Recently, the most popular food truck in South Dakota (according to the website Uproxx), Sioux Falls' Swamp Daddy's Cajun Kitchen, hung up the truck keys and opened a restaurant at 421 N. Phillips. We thought we'd ask our local friends what they thought was the best place to grab some grub on the go.

You can vote for up to five food trucks. If you don't see your favorite on the list, add it. We'll tally the votes and reveal the winner next week.

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