Hey, if you're a coffee-lover, and Starbucks is your coffeehouse of choice here in Sioux Falls, plan on wearing a  mask next time you venture in for a Blonde Roast, Cappuccino, Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Café Mocha, or whatever your drink of choice is.

Thanks to COVID-19, and the recent spike in Coronavirus cases across most of the country, the popular nationwide coffeehouse is once again making it mandatory to wear masks while visiting their indoor cafés.

Dakota News Now is reporting that starting Wednesday (July 15), Starbucks will require all their customers that use their indoor cafés to wear facial coverings. They made the policy announcement change on Thursday (July 9).

In a statement from Starbucks on Twitter, the company says "Our priority is the health and well-being of our partners (employees) and customers."

Not to worry if you don't groove on wearing a mask, Starbucks says, you're still more than welcome to go through any of their drive-thru locations, get curbside pickup or order delivery without a mask.

Source: Dakota News Now

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