Here's your chance to give back to a man with a bushy white beard, and a jolly spirit that has done so much to help bring smilies and Christmas cheer to the children, and parents of the Sioux Empire for 22 years.

Dale Buxcel, better known as the Empire Mall’s Santa Claus, lost his Murdo, South Dakota home in a fire early Friday morning, (November 10). KDLT News is reporting that fire crews were dispatched to Buxcel's home just before 3:30 that morning.

Sadly, Buxcel's home was a total loss, and Santa lost everything in the fire.

What's ironic and tragic at the same time, Buxcel had just transformed into Jolly Old Saint Nick and set up shop in the Empire Mall for the holiday season on Friday, the same exact day as the fire.

Luckily Santa has some helpers in the Murdo Fire Department. According to KDLT News, while he is away, the fire department has established a Go Fund Me page for Santa. They've set a goal of 100K to help him rebuild and replace what was lost in the fire.

Those wishing to open up their hearts, and wallets to send some holiday cheer in Buxcel's (aka Santa's) direction this year can do so by making a cash donation here.

Source: KDLT TV

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