“A house divided against itself cannot stand,” is a quote for the ages full of wisdom and truth. Let’s hope this Sioux Falls house can come together after the runoff.

Please take this with a grain of salt as an observation that has likely drawn more than a few sideways glances and chuckles along the way. Strife in the household should be conducted over more serious matters than the positioning of a darkened oval on a ballot.

Note in the photos that the battle lines are drawn over the candidates for Sioux Falls Mayor. Jolene Loetscher is the choice of the female constituent, Paul TenHaken for the male.

Is this a common fracture among Sioux Falls households? Are there situations where support for the opposite gender is evident?

It’s only the future four years of the City of Sioux Falls that hangs in the balance, along with a potential appointment at the marriage counselor.

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