It’s been close to a record year for precipitation in Sioux Falls. Nonetheless, if residents need to use a sump pump this time of year, they should be cautious about discharges that can lead to ice buildup on streets.

Just under 38 inches of moisture has fallen in Sioux Falls this year which forces some homeowners to keep sump pumps running into late November. During the spring and summer water is free to travel to the sewer system along the curbs.

This doesn’t work so well when temperatures frequently drop below freezing. Kerry Ellis an engineer with Sioux Falls Public Works describes a solution that the city does allow.

“You can call a plumber and we can issue a permit to allow you to directly install a hard pipe to your sewer line if you need to keep pumping out water especially in areas that are prone to high groundwater levels. That pipe will also need a locking cap that will need to be turned off when the weather gets warmer.”

Homeowners will have to navigate this unique challenge of having to necessarily expel water from their homes and not through their basement floor drains. However, people need to be aware not to send the water into streets and onto sidewalks where they become a slippery hazard.


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