Sioux Falls has a new official city newspaper.

During the city council meeting on Wednesday night, (June 5) city council members voted unanimously to replace the Argus Leader with The Dakota Scout as the official newspaper for Sioux Falls.

The Argus Leader had been the city's official newspaper for publishing things like legal notices and city council minutes for a very long time, but due to record low readership, along with eventual cost savings for the city, council members elected to make a change.

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The city's new official newspaper, The Dakota Scout has been operational since 2022. According to Dakota News Now, since Dakota Scout has been up and running for over one year, it became eligible to be considered for the publisher of record role.

South Dakota NewsMedia Association Executive Director David Bordewyk, told Dakota News Now, “It’s really kind of a unique situation now where you have sort of this fairly new publication of record competing with a newspaper that’s been around for well more than a hundred years. I think it’s something perhaps we’ll see more of, not just in Sioux Falls, but elsewhere. The news publishing business is changing. You are seeing these upstart publications, new publications showing up in other communities.”

Dakota News Now reports that council members David Barranco and Sarah Cole sponsored the resolution to make the Dakota Scout the official newspaper for the city. After a unanimous 8-0 vote, the decision to make a switch was made.

Representatives from The Dakota Scout have assured the city they have systems in place that will allow for a seamless transition.

The Dakota Scout will assume its role as the city's new legal newspaper beginning on Monday, (July 1). It will hold that role for one year, at which time the city council can discuss a renewal or make another switch.

Source: Dakota News Now 

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