Chicken lovers in Sioux Falls are certainly familiar with Bob's Carryout and Delivery on 12th street. After all their slogan says it all:  "If You Haven't Been to Bob's, You Haven't Been to Sioux Falls!"

If you've been to Bob's over the past week, or driven by the place, you were no doubt shocked to see a "for sale" sign in front of one of Sioux Falls favorite places to get broasted chicken, mouthwatering burgers, sandwiches, ribs and other American eats.

The owner of Bob's, Bob Lyons, is about to turn 95 years old, and the Lyons family figured it was time to put the land that the building stands on up for sale.

KDLT News is reporting the fate of the legendary Sioux Falls restaurant will be determined by whoever ends up buying the property.

The operator of the property, Ben Weiland, told KDLT News that a number of options are on the table. Which means relocating Bob’s, leasing the building, or selling the entire business are all possible.

Weiland said, “The business is for sale, if somebody wants to come and talk to me and they have the right amount and can meet me or match me in the price that I think, I would turn the business over to someone.”

Should Bob's end up being relocated, or worse yet, closed, Weiland promises to give loyal Bob's Carryout and Delivery customers plenty of notice.

Source: KDLT TV

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