A fire east of Sioux Falls had many people curious, and somewhat concerned for a while on Thursday evening.

Dakota News Now is reporting there was a massive-looking blaze located near the Gitchie Manitou State Preserve on the border of South Dakota and Iowa on Thursday night, April 4th.

Word of the fire started to break just after 8:00 PM. At first, it was believed to be a widespread grass fire, but according to Dakota News Now, it was soon revealed that the blaze was a prescribed burn and that residents of Lyon County were notified beforehand.

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As you might imagine, those who saw the massive flames and plumes of smoke filling the air on Thursday night immediately became concerned and began to notify area fire departments of the situation.

According to Dakota News Now, there were some fire departments outside of Lyon County that did arrive on the scene, only to find out that the fire was a prescribed burn.

Results-Townsquare Media-Sioux Falls
Results-Townsquare Media-Sioux Falls

Crews were on hand throughout the entirety of the blaze to keep an eye on the fire and prevent it from spreading outside of the controlled burn area.

Results-Townsquare Media-Sioux Falls
Results-Townsquare Media-Sioux Falls

As you can see from some of the pictures, flames could be seen from over a mile away, as thick smoke filled the air.

Needless to say, social media was ablaze as well with the news of this massive-looking grass fire just east of Sioux Falls on the South Dakota, Iowa border.

Source: Dakota News Now

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